The Ayurvedic Practitioner Training program is a 10-month hybrid course that offers in-person clinical study, real-time virtual classes, online learning and supervised externship experience. This blended learning program is designed for those with an Ayurvedic education who want to receive additional training in case management skills, including clinical assessment methods and Ayurvedic lifestyle, dietary, herbal, and treatment protocols for specific conditions.

The required in-person classroom hours provide a clinical practicum for a total of 50 client consultations, including student observation and instructor supervision. The externship hours will offer the students a format for 50 additional one-on-one client consultations that will be instructor and peer reviewed.  The client encounters will consist of initial and follow-up visits so that students can observe long-term outcomes, adding to their clinical knowledge and experience.

Students are taught to recommend and oversee panchakarma programs, as well as, individual purification and rejuvenation therapies for preventative measures and present conditions.

The training provided by the practitioner level program is enhanced through weekly real-time virtual classes, a student produced research paper and mentorship working with first level students.

Graduates of this program are prepared to assist clients with the prevention and management of the conditions of imbalance.

The curriculum of the Ayurvedic Practitioner Training program meets the competencies and standards set forth by the National Ayurvedic Medical Association and the National Council on Ayurvedic Education.